15448_standardHAMMOCK MUSIC FEST endeavors to help young aspiring musicians with the furthering of their music education and experience.  Our goal is to raise funds and provide grants to individuals as well as to educational institutions that are directly involved in music education as students or educators.

This annual fundraising event is held in “The Hammock” in Palm Coast, Florida.  Among the ways we accomplish our goal is by providing individual grants for qualifying young musicians for the purchase of instruments, grants for the cost of attending performance competitions, as well as, other music education events sponsored by elementary schools, high schools and colleges or universities. We will also consider grants to high school and elementary school music programs that are in danger of being eliminated as a result of school budget cuts.

Funds raised by donations from the patrons of the HAMMOCK MUSIC FEST are the sole revenue raising device at the moment; however as the event grows, we will be exploring all possibilities for maintaining and growing the viability of music education as part of the overall education curriculum in our community.


Dallas Rinek

Dallas Rinek of Flagler Beach, FL, has been studying classical guitar in the music program at Florida Atlantic University for the last three years. This exclusive program is headed by some of the most distinguished classical guitar instructors in the world. Dallas is on course to earn his bachelor’s degree in music this year. After graduation, he plans to continue to work towards his master’s degree in music production.  In addition to his studies in classical music and current works of classical composition, he has also continued with his passion for writing his own music. Dallas has written, performed, and produced popular music with some success. Please visit www.DallasRinek.com or visit iTunes and search his name to listen to songs he has written, produced, and songs that feature his compositions in voice as well as the layering of many instruments that he has played and composed the parts for.

Dallas was chosen as one of the two 2015 HAMMOCK MUSIC FEST award recipients and has been able to apply the grant toward the furthering of his music education at FAU. Dallas shared his talents and performed at the 2015 HAMMOCK MUSIC FEST last September, 2015.

James Stup

James Stup of Palm Coast, FL, started playing the saxophone in his middle school band and quickly prospered. The band director promoted him to the jazz band after just a few months of playing. In high school, he participated in leadership positions including section leader in the concert, marching, and jazz bands. His involvement in music led him to earn the highest band student leadership position, “Band Captain”, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, lead saxophone in the Florida All-State Honor Band, lead saxophone in the Flagler All-County Band, lead saxophone in the FSU Tri-State honors jazz band, and lead saxophone in Jim Miller’s “Big Band America”. James started attending the summer semester at the University of North Florida in June, 2015, aiming for a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies. He aspires to become a professor at a university or fine arts school.

James had also been chosen as one of the two 2015 HAMMOCK MUSIC FEST award recipients and has been able to apply the grant toward the furthering of his music education at UNF last year. James performed at the 2015 HAMMOCK MUSIC FEST heading up The Stacy Mitchhart Band for a couple songs!

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